Maria Vallverdu
Physical and Digital Product Designer
I am a designer by nature, by choice, and out of passion.
My greatest skill lies in analyzing all the resources available to a project and creating solutions to needs through the design of beautiful, functional, and innovative products, whether physical or digital.
My strong divergent thinking gives me great creative freedom, and my convergent side provides me with the ability to focus on meeting goals and deadlines effectively, efficiently, and in an organized manner.
My passion for design materialized when I studied fashion design, intensified when I studied accessory design, and became boundless as I developed into a Production Director and Creative Director in companies specializing in leather goods, stationery, artistic items, and digital products.
✔️Product design
✔️Creative thinking

Art Pads and Digital Products 
Artistic Art Pads with ready-to-paint designs for the company IPERARTIKA e.U. I developed the entire concept of the company from scratch, the products, and also produced them myself.
Leather Accessories
Leather accessories designed and handmade 100% by me for the brands paper-republic GmbH and Maria Vallverdu-Leather Design e.U.
Customized illustrations
Various illustration and printing projects on products for private clients.
I had the pleasure of working for:
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